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Case Brief Summary submissions: $5 per case brief!  Interested in submitting multiple case briefs?  Email us at!

We will pay you $5 for every unique case brief you submit to Case Brief Summary.  Each case must be approved by the Admin before you can be paid for your brief cases.  You will be paid with PayPal.  All case briefs will be available for everyone to view.  They can be helpful to law students who need a summary of a law case.

Fill out the submission for below.  You will be paid via PayPal.  If your case brief has been accepted, then you will be asked to answer some questions about your qualifications.  Are you currently in law school?  When did you graduate?  What types of law was your focus?  What types of case briefs will you be submitting.  If you have a case brief that isn’t listed in the categories below, you can still submit it!

If you have written for Case Brief Summary before, and want to submit multiple case briefs at once, then send me an email.  You don’t have to go through the same process multiple times.

By submitting a case brief, you are agreeing that you have not stolen or passed off your work from any other source.

If you are interested in putting a bio of yourself up on the ‘About Us’ section, let me know.  If you are a large contributor, then we can put your experiences in studying law up for everyone to see.

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