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In re Snide

The Facts

  • T  and W intended to make execute mutual wills at a common execution ceremony
  • Each, by mistake, executed the will of the other
  • No other issues w/ execution of wills
  • No issue as to T’s testamentary capacity
  • Other than differences ...
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In re Pavlinko’s Estate

The Facts

  • H died Feb. 1957
  • W died Oct. 1951
  • Will for W from 1949 was signed by H
  • H and W had hired a lawyer to draw their wills and each wished to leave their property to the other
  • By mistake W signed H’s will and H signed wife’s will...
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Estate of Morea

The Facts

  • T’s friend was granted a bequest under T’s will and he was also an attesting witness
  • T’s son was an attesting witness and also a beneficiary who took a smaller testate portion than his intestate portion would have been
  • 3rd witness does ...
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Stevens v. Casdorph

The Facts

  • Ds took T to bank to execute will in May 1996.
  • T had Pauley (bank employee and notary) witness execution of will
  • Pauley took will to 2 other bank employees (Waldron and McGinn) to sign the will as witnesses
  • Both W and M signed will
  • Howe...
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In re Groffman

The Facts

  • T died 3 years after executing a will at the home of the Blocks
  • Widow challenged validity of execution
  • If it was valid, W would have to share the estate
  • If it was invalid, W would take entire estate by intestacy

Procedural History...

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