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Thompson v. Royall

The Facts

  • T signed will on Sept. 4,  1932
  • Will was typewritten on 5 sheets of paper
  • T signed last page, which was attested to by 3 witnesses
  • Brittain (B), the executor, was given will for safe keeping
  • A codicil was typed on separate piece of pap...
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In re Estate of Kuralt

The Facts

  • T was born in NC in 1934
  • In 1962, T married Petie
  • In 1968, T met Patricia Elizabeth Shannon (S) and began a romance with her.
  • Between 1970 and 1994, T hosted CBS News Sunday Morning
  • Became known for his On the Road series, for which he ...
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Estate of Gonzalez

The Facts

  • T wanted to prepare a will before a trip to FL
  • T filled in the blanks of a pre-printed will form
  • T indicated that he planned to leave equal share to 3 of his five children (Kerry, Tara, and Kristin)
  • T showed completed form to B and BW
  • B...
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In re Estate of Hall

The Facts

  • T died on Oct 23, 1998
  • At death, T was 75 yrs. old and living in Cascade Co, Montana
  • Had a W and 2 daughters from a previous marriage (S and C)
  • OW was executed on April 18, 1984
  • 13 yrs later, lawyer (L) drafted a JW
  • T and W met...
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In re Will of Ranney

The Facts

  • Lawyers omitted the attestation clause and used instead an affidavit designed for a two-step self proving will
  • Witnesses signed an affidavit  swearing that they had previously signed their names as witnesses during a stage in the execution ceremony that never ac...
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