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Johnson v. Johnson

The Facts

  • Document was on a single sheet of paper w/ 3 typed paragraphs that made numerous bequests and recommended a certain attorney be used to probate the will
  • Not dated, signed or attested to
  • Included handwritten portion at bottom in T’s handwriting that...
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Phelan v. Baskin

The Facts

  • T established 2 separate trusts to provide for his wife, 2 minor sons, and 2 adult daughters (from prior marriages).
  • Trust 1 was an irrevocable trust for all of the beneficiaries
  • Trust 2 was a revocable trust for his wife and 2 minor sons, but did not in...
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Clark v. Greenhalge

The Facts

  • T executed a will in 1977 naming her cousin, Frederic (F), as executor and principal beneficiary, entitling F to receive all personal property not listed on the attached memorandum of her known wishes
  • T owed a painting at her death valued at $1800
  • The me...
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Estate of Alburn

The Facts

    • T died on Oct. 13, 1960 at age of 85
    • WW named GN as a legatee and executrix
    • L and D and not kin to T, but L was a sister-in-law
    • T had no children
    • Starting in 1954, she began living w/ her GN in Wisconsin
    • T executed WW and ...
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LaCroix v. Senecal

The Facts

  • T died  on Apr. 19, 1951
  • T left a will dated Mar. 26, 1951 and a codicil dated April 10, 1951.
  • Residuary clause of the will left the residue of T’s estate in equal share to nephew, Nelson (N), and friend, Aurea (A)
  • Codicil edited the name...
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