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Top Pre-Law Books

Here are some of the top books for pre-law students!

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Benn v. Thomas (Iowa 1994)

Procedural History: Benn’s executor sued defendant for Lora Benn’s injuries and his death in 1989 after defendant’s vehicle rear-ended the van in which descedent was a passenger. The estate requested a jury instruction based on the “eggshell plaintiff̶...

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Golan v. Holder

Golan v. Holder, U.S. 2012

Procedural History: In 2001, petitioners filed this lawsuit challenging § 514. The District Court granted the Attorney General’s motion for summary judgment. The Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit affirmed in part, but...

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Luttinger v. Rosen

The Facts

P Luttinger, buyer, contracted with D Rosen, seller to purchase a dwelling.  P’s attorney wrote a contract with a very specific “subject to” condition precedent. The P was not able to fulfill the exact condition precedent, so they asked D for ful...

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