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Reynolds v. Hicks (Washington, 1998)

Procedural History: Plaintiffs appeal a trial court decision dismissing their personal injury action on summary judgment against defendants.

Facts: Jamie and Anna Hicks were married on September 10, 1988 at St. Bernadette Church in Seattle. Three hundred a...

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Strauss v. Belle Realty Co. (N.Y. 1985)

Procedural History: Plaintiff alleged negligence on the part of the landlord and utility for failing to fix or warn about the defective steps and for not providing electricity. Plaintiff moved for partial summary judgment against Con Edison to estop it from contesting the charge ...

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Uhr v. East Greenbush Central School District (N.Y. 1999)

Procedural History: Supreme Court granted motion for summary judgment to defendant, holding that Education Law § 905(1) does not create a private right of action and that plaintiffs failed to otherwise state a claim for common-law negligence. Court of Appeals affirmed that plain...

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Farwell v. Keaton (Michigan, 1976)

Procedural History: Jury returned a verdict for plaintiff and warded $15,000 in damages. Court of Appeals reversed, finding that Siegrist had not assumed duty of obtaining aid for Farwell and that he neither knew nor should have known of the need for medical treatment. Supreme Co...

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Harper v. Herman (Minnesota, 1993)

Procedural History: This case arises upon a reversal by the court of appeals of summary judgment found in favor of the defendant. The court of appeals held that defendant had a duty to warn plaintiff. Supreme Court reverses and reinstates judgment in favor of defendant.

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