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A.W. v. Lancaster County School District (Nebraska 2010)

Procedural History: CB’s mother sued the Lincoln Public Schools on CB’s behalf, alleging that LPS’ negligence permitted the assault to occur. The district court entered summary judgment for LPS, reasoning that the assault was unforeseeable. AW claims that the di...

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Posecai v. Wal-Mart (Louisiana, 1999)

Procedural History: Mrs. Posecai contends that Sam’s was negligent in failing to provide adequate security in the parking lot considering the high level of crime in the surrounding area. A judgment was rendered in favor of Posecai, awarding $18,968 for her lost jewelry and ...

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Heins v. Webster County (Nebraska, 1996)

Procedural History: Heins claimed that Webster County was negligent. The district court found that Heins was a licensee at the hospital and as such the hospital had no duty to make unknown dangerous conditions safe for him, and the court entered judgment in favor of Webster Count...

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Carter v. Kinney (Missouri 1995)

Definitions: “A social guest is a person who has received a social invitation.”

Procedural History: The trial court sustained the Kinneys’ summary judgment motion on the ground that Mr Carter was a licensee and that the Kinneys did not have a duty to a li...

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Vince v. Wilson (Vermont, 1989)

Procedural History: Plaintiff brought suit against Wilson, who provided her grandnephew money for a vehicle, as well as Ace Auto Sales & Gary Gardner, the auto dealer and salesperson of the vehicle. Trial court directed verdicts in favor of Ace and Gardner and claim against W...

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