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Falzone v. Busch (N.J. 1965)

Procedural History: The complaint alleges that defendant was driving his vehicle negligently, which caused plaintiff emotional distress. The trial court granted summary judgment for defendant, holding that it was constrained to follow N.J. precedent that there can be no recovery ...

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Cope v. Scott (D.C. Circuit Court of App. 1995)

Procedural History: Cope appeals a grant of summary judgment against him in favor of the government. Cope sued both Scott and the National Park Service. He settled with Scott and this Cope alleged that the National Park Service failed to adequately maintain the roads and failed t...

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Lauer v. City of New York (N.Y. 2000)

Procedural History: Plaintiff brought several claims dismissed by the trial court. The Appellate Court affirmed the dismissals, except for the claim of negligent infliction of emotional distress, reinstated by a divided court. Plaintiff contends the City should be liable for the ...

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Broadbent v. Broadbent (Arizona 1995)

Procedural History: The child’s father brought this suit against the child’s mother. This was likely due to the fact that the family had liability insurance that could cover the loss.

Facts: While defendant mother was watching her 2.5 year old ...

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Riss v. City of New York (N.Y. 1968)

Procedural History: The trial court (Supreme Court) dismissed the complaint. A divided Appellate Division also dismissed the complaint after both parties had rested but prior to submission to the jury.

Facts: Linda Riss was terrorized by an ex-boyfriend, P...

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