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The Prize Cases

67 U.S. 635, (1863)

Facts. In April 1861 President Lincoln declared a blockade of southern ports. Congress did not recognize a state of war until July 13. During that interval of almost three months, the Union Navy captured a number of merchant vessels, and those seizures ...

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Smith v. Maryland

442 US 735 – 1979

Facts: Woman was robbed; following robbery received threatening phone calls from robber. Upon learning his identity, telephone co. installed pen register at its offices to record numbers dialed from the robber’s house, at the request of the police...

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Reid v. Covert

354 U.S. 1 (1957)

Facts: Mrs. Covert killed her husband on an airbase in England. Pursuant to a “status-of-forces” executive agreement with England, she was tried and convicted by US court-martial without a jury trial under the UCMJ. She petitioned a writ of habeus cor...

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Lovett v. United States

328 U.S. 303 (1946)

Facts: Congress attached legislative rider §304 onto the Wartime Urgent Deficiency Appropriation of 1943 that forbid the executive branch from paying three employees – who Congress had found guilty of “subversive activity” – their salar...

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Little v. Barreme

6 U.S. 170 (1804)

Background: France and U.S. involved in a Quasi-War. US was allied w/the French during our revolution, then they had their own revolution. Because of turmoil and uncertainty in France, the U.S. negotiated the Jay treaty with Britain for purely economic re...

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