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A.B. v. State

949 N.E.2d 1204 (Ind. 2011)

The Facts

The trial court ruled that IC 31-40-1-2(f) was unconstitutional. The state legislature passed a bill into law which absolved IN from paying for any child placed out of state by the Department of Child Services. That code was amended in the s...

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Walden v. State

895 N.E.2d 1182 (Ind. 2008)


Defendant was driving under a controlled substance when he flipped the car, killing his then fiancé. At trial he was found guilty and was subject to the habitual offender legislation procured by the state legislature. He was then sentenced to 2...

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State v. Kimco

902 N.E. 2d 206 (Ind. 2009)


Kimco owns an outdoor shopping center. The state filed a complaint to acquire a strip of land along the western border of the property to improve traffic flow to and from the expressway. The state also sought “permanent extinguishment of all r...

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Sholes v. Sholes

760 N.E.2d 156 (Ind. 2001)


An IN attorney was appointed as an attorney for an indigent client and requested compensation for his court appointment.


(1) “Whether Indiana Code section 34-10-1-2 requires appointment of counsel for civil litigants who a...

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Richardson v. State

717 N.E.2d 32 (Ind. 1999)


Defendant convicted at trial of robbery (felony) and battery (misdemeanor). On appeal, defendant holds he was convicted twice for double jeopardy, thus violating the state’s double jeopardy clause.


“we therefore conclude a...

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