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Furman v. Georgia


Facts: Furman, joined with the cases Jackson v. Georgia and Branch v. Texas, was granted certiorari and heard collectively by the Court. Furman was found guilty of murder while the other two appellants were convicted of rape by th...

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Golan v. Holder

Golan v. Holder, U.S. 2012

Procedural History: In 2001, petitioners filed this lawsuit challenging § 514. The District Court granted the Attorney General’s motion for summary judgment. The Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit affirmed in part, but...

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United States v. Truong Dinh Hung

629 F.2d 908 (1980)

Facts: Ds were convicted of espionage by transmitting classified docs and sought reversal of their convictions becaue of warrantless surveillance and searches. Ds argue FBI violated 4h amendment. No court authorization was ever sough or obtained for the...

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United States v. Lopez-Lima

738 F. Supp. 1404 (S.D. Fla. 1990)

Facts: Lopez-Lima seized an aircraft at gunpoint in FL and flew it to Cuba. He was indicted with aircraft piracy. His defense to the charge was that the hijacking was authorized by the CIA as part of its activities to destabilize the comm...

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United States v. Duggan

743 F. 2d 59 – 1984

Facts: Members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army were convicted on a number of charges relating to export, transportation, and delivery of explosives and arms. Defendants move to suppress the evidence the government obtained as a result of ...

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