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Jacobson v. Stern

Facts:  Stern brought action for unpaid architectural services for development of hotel and casino, Kings Castle, in Nevada against Jacobson.

Jacobson earlier asked Stern to draw plans of a new casino.  Jacobson consequently provided this service.

At the same time...

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New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Co. v. U.S.

29 S.Ct. 304 (1908)


  • The Defendant Corporation was a railroad company that was prosecuted by the federal government for violating a statute that prohibited the provision of rebates for shipments. The violated statute permitted the company to be criminal...
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Graham v. Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co.

41 Del.Ch. 78, 188 A.2d 125 (Del.Supr. 1963)


  • Ds were directors of a company recently convicted of price fixing and violating various anti trust laws.
  • Ds claim to have not known of the activities of the company employees and thus hold themselves...
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In re Caremark International Inc.

698 A.2d 959 (Del.Ch. 1996)


  • Caremark’s employees were indicted for violating healthcare fraud statutes, which ultimately resulted in $250M total fines.
  • Shareholders of Caremark sued the board of directors derivatively for breach of their fidu...
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Stone v. Ritter

911 A.2d 362 (Del. Supr. 2006)


  • Two individuals were operating a Ponzi scheme, which operated the majority of its funding through AmSouth bank.
  • Ultimately, two Ponzi schemers were convicted and the bank was required to pay over $50 million in fi...
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