Broadnax v. Ledbetter

Procedural History

–          Supreme Court of Texas upheld the demurer.

–          Upheld lower court decision in favor of Ledbetter.


–          Ledbetter was offered a reward for an escaped convict (if captured).

–          Broadnax captured the convict knowing of the reward.

–          Broadnax took Ledbetter to court saying he owed him the $500 .

–          Ledbetter stated that, Broadnax didn’t know of the offer at the time of the arrest.

–          Supreme Court upheld the demurer.


–          Does there need to be a performance based on the offer in order for the offer to be valid?




–          Offer and acceptance.

–          May be accepted by anyone who performs the service called for when the acceptor “knows” that it has been made and acts in performance of it, but not otherwise.


–          An offer needs to be accepted by someone who knows that offer is there.

–          Can’t let anyone in on an offer, that doesn’t know of its offer, and if it’s just happenstance that a person followed thru on an offer, un-knowingly.


–          Supreme Court affirmed the appeals court decision in favor of Ledbetter.

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