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Case Brief Summary submissions: $5 per case brief!

I started Case Brief Summary to provide an easy way for students to find a summary of a wide variety of cases.  I graduated with a BS in Criminology & Law and a MS in Criminal Justice.  I have mainly studied criminal law cases, but I hope to provide case briefs from all legal categories.  It’s necessary to do all of the required reading in school, but case briefs can help if you need a quick reminder of the facts of cases.

One of the most important criminal law cases that I studied in college was Miranda v. Arizona.  It is one of the first cases studied when majoring in criminal justice.  It is the origin of the Miranda rights.  Most people know of the Miranda rights because they are heard on just about any police TV show and movie.  The 1966 case requires the police to inform a suspect of their rights when arrested.

There are many writers currently contributing to Case Brief Summary.  Some are providing many more case briefs than others, but all are appreciated.  So far most of the writers are law school students.  Their case briefs are often already created before submitting them because they are used to study in class.  If the case briefs are not created before visiting Case Brief Summary, then they are not hard to put together based on their notes taken in pre-law or law school courses.

If you have any suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at casebriefsummary @ gmail . com!