Case Briefs for Law Students and Lawyers

Case briefs are vital to any law student’s education.  They are a summary of the facts of the legal case.  Each brief can be used in class and can help students study.  The formats can vary, but they must all include facts, procedure, issue, holding, reasoning and concurring/dissenting opinions.  Case briefs don’t have all of the facts, but they are a helpful guide for law students.  They can be useful in class or in preparing for an exam.  Students and lawyers are encouraged to submit case briefs!
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Most recent Case briefs

Grimes v. Donald


• D had an employment agreement and P filed an action against the board of directors to invalidate it.
• The agreement with D would run until he was 75 years old and would provide salary, incentives, and health insurance.
• Importantly, the agreeme...

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Marx v. Akers

666 N.E.2d 1034 (1996)


  • P challenged D’s (the board’s) decision to increase three of the outside director’s compensation packages to $55K and 100 shares of stock.

o   P argued this was above the cost of living at the time and was therefore exorb...

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Auerbach v. Bennett

393 N.E.2d 994 (1979).


  • The audit committee of General Telephone & Electronics Corporation reported evidence of bribes and other kickbacks related to dealings with overseas officials.
  • Thereafter, these findings were reported to the SEC
  • After ...
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Zapata Corp. v. Maldonado

430 A.2d 779 (1981)

  1. Facts:

i.      P brought a derivative suit against D corporation and its officers and board members. P gained his status derivatively, representing all shareholders, deriving his harm from being a shareholder.

ii.      Plaintiff did ...

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Beam v. Stewart

833 A.2d 961 (2003)


  • P is a shareholder of Martha Stewart’s company and brought a suit derivatively.  P however, did not make a demand to the company’s directors.
    • P is alleging that Martha Stewart breached her fiduciary duties to the corporation by e...
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